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A funeral service should reflect the life of the person who is being remembered. Therefore, we offer a full range of funeral services: traditional services, cremation services, memorial services, as well as special personalized services

We take pride in being flexible in all arrangements, whether that be a customary service or the option of cremation. We provide personalized choices and do so with price sensitivity, making your decisions affordable. We are an independently owned and community-based funeral service provider, offering before the need, at the time of need, and after the service, choices and options.

Keep in mind that the funeral is a meaningful event that can help ease the pain of separation that naturally accompanies death. It is a time of sharing good memories and experiences with family and friends. It is a time when respect, concern and appreciation for a life that has been lived can be expressed in a sincere manner. The funeral is an experience of value and when properly planned can provide lasting satisfaction and comfort to the survivors.

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Our funeral service family can assist you in planning and coordinating all of the details, and will explain all of the available options Our sincerest hop is that you and your family will be comforted by our efforts.