Economy/Cremation Caskets

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The selection of caskets shown below represent our most popular models and colors. Most of these are on display at our facilities. We have more styles available including custom paint and interior combination. If you do not see one that fits your needs or you have any questions. Please call us and we will be happy to show you discuss all the available options.


Doeskin 271 Perfection (Colors: Silver, Steel, and Taupe)


Cloth Perf Exterior
Crepe Interior

Lambskin 263 Perfection (Colors: Steel, White, Pink, Blue, and Silver)


Cloth Perf Exterior
Crepe Interior



Reclaimed Wood Exterior
Rosetan Crepe Interior

Flat Top Cloth Cover


Cloth Exterior
Crepe Interior



Plywood Exterior
Basic Interior




Walnut Veneer Exterior
Knockdown, Velvet Interior



Wood Laminated Fiberboard Exterior
Knockdown, Almond Crepe Interior

Cremation Rental

Rental (shown with Insert)


Wood Exterior
Rosetan Crepe Interior

Green Caskets

Earth Friendly (No Metals)


Pine Exterior
No Interior