Kathleen Carol Bridget McCarvel Nims

Kathleen Carol Bridget McCarvel Nims
Date Of Birth: 06/21/1941
Date of Death: 11/14/2022

Kathleen Carol Bridget McCarvel Nims was born in Anaconda, Montana on June 21,
1941, to Joseph and Ruth McCarvel. She grew up in a household of seven siblings:
Francis, Judy, Linda, Susan, Billy, Mark, and Ruthie. She attended Carroll College and
graduated from the Sisters of Charity Nursing School. While at Carroll, she met her
future husband, Tom Nims. The two were married on August 15th, 1964 and created a
home in Portland. Mom worked as a nurse at Holiday Park hospital before stepping
away to raise her three sons, Charley, Steve, and Tom.
When her kids were in high school, mom re-entered the workforce as an educational
assistant at Waverly Home, a program for students in crisis. Mom then took this
passion to finish a degree at Portland State University, and then completed her MSW.
As a social worker, mom worked at Mt. St. Joseph’s working to ensure the dignity and
care of the people on her caseload.
In recent years, mom enjoyed the occasional trip to visit family, and regular dinners
and coƦee time with Aunt Kathy and her dear friend, Patti. She enjoyed reading
Facebook updates about her many nieces and nephews, and remained ever the
cheerleader for her children and grandkids.
She leaves a tremendous hole in our hearts, but also a good reminder to be the better
angels of our nature. Mom loved life and she loved people. She loved being a daughter,
sister, wife, mom, aunt, mother in-law, sister in-law, grandma, nurse, social worker,
and friend. To the neighbor kids and to our friends growing up she was “Mrs. Nims”.
She was the mom who always had a kind word of encouragement to anybody who
needed one. Those who knew her well, and many who met her just once likely have a
story to tell, and many will tell you that when they spoke with mom, she made them
feel like the most special person in the world at that very moment, because to her,
they were.
She is survived by her three sons, Charley, Steve, and Tom, her daughters in-law Ann
Fournier and Wendi Watson, her grandchildren Emily, Kaleb, and Kaitlin, and her
sisters Susan Sherman and Ruth Quigley.

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