Hamerlynck, Gwyneth

Gwyneth Mae Hamerlynck
Date Of Birth: 02/22/1927
Date of Death: 02/07/2014

Born to Wallace and Kathryn Anderson. Married to Ivan D Hamerlynck.

She is survived by her sons, Herb, Ivan and Louis and daughter Patricia Hornback; brother John Anderson and sisters Mary Olson and Ann Vittorio; 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Memorial service will be held at Willamette National Cemetery, Portland Or on Feb 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM.

In lieu of flowers or gifts please make donations to OHSU, Knight Cancer Institute.

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  1. Julie Brethauer says:

    Over the snowy weekend the world lost a great woman. She was like a Mom to me. My Momma Gwen, was a very special woman. She took me in when I had nowhere else to go. She asked me for nothing but the truth. Sometimes I failed at that. I was so used to judgement and criticism that I was scared. She taught me not to be. She was a Mom to me long before that though. She taught me how to make bunsen burners out of tuna cans, wax and cardboard. She taught me the wonders of chocolate fondue. She put up with our fish, crawdads and salamanders in her bathtub and sinks more times that I can count. She helped us nurse a crow that the neighbor shot and buried it when it died so we didn’t have to (although that one is still suspicious). She new when we snuck out of the mad room at night to go roaming the Alsea river, making our bonfires and drink our Miller stubbies. I was usually the one caught sneaking back in the window, as I was the tallest and always had to boost Patty and Cindy. She put up with our tents of visqueen, the size of which you have never seen, and just laughed when Patty ran the extension cord out there so she could have her heater close by. She made me swim suits when I couldn’t find store bought ones that would cover my boobs. She taught me to have some self worth and taught me that family is not always defined by blood. She had a very unique way of looking at the world. I could always call her for advise, even as a grown woman, and know that it would be different than that of most people. I loved her from the bottom of my heart and will never forget her. She was generous and kind to all. Gwen Hamerlynck was a woman like no other. Until we meet in the Lords heaven, know that you were loved and appreciated!

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