Joel DaMaughn (JD) Tubbs

Joel DaMaughn (JD) Tubbs
Date Of Birth: 08/03/1953
Date of Death: 10/12/2021

Joel DaMaughn (JD) Tubbs Life Story

On the morning of Tuesday, October 12, 2021, in Beaverton, Oregon, JD returned to the loving arms of his Heavenly Father and his Savior, Jesus Christ. JD was the third child and only son born to Nelda LaRae Hess Tubbs and Joel DaMaughn Tubbs. He was born on August 3, 1953, in the small farming community of Malad, Idaho. He carries his father’s name. After much discussion between his mom and dad, because they did not want a Joel DaMaughn Junior, we all know him as just his initials, ‘JD’.

From an early age he was at his father’s side, watching him and learning to work. On the farm, there were chickens to feed, cows to milk, a huge garden to plant, weed, and harvest, and many other chores to do.

Rosalie, his sister, remembers: From the moment he was born, he was my buddy, and I was very protective of him. As children, we spent many hours playing pioneers or cowboys and Indians. He loved to be pulled in that little red Flyer wagon or to be pushed in the swings that our dad built or building snowmen. I am glad I got to know JD as an adult. I enjoyed our many road trips together. I guess this one time I was being a little too protective, and he said to me, “I am an adult!! I am not your baby brother anymore!”

He gave our mother a run for her money. She never knew where he would go or what he would try to do next, Mom said JD always had a knot or two on his head from falling down or bumping his head. She called these bumps his two little horns. It seemed like when Mom said, “No” he thought she said, “Go!”

JD was always up to something. One day JD just disappeared from the yard. Janis, an older sister, and Rosalie were supposed to be watching him. He was just two years old. Mom was in the house and had a bad feeling. She came rushing out and asked where JD was. Just then, JD came thru the gate crying and soaking wet. He had fallen into the irrigation ditch, gone thru the culvert, and somehow gotten out. Another time Dad was backing the tractor. Tractors make a lot of noise. Dad did not see or hear JD ask to get on. JD was standing right behind the tractor as Dad backed up. The tractor knocked him down. Luckily, he was between the two big wheels and did not get run over. He really frightened our dad. Kathy, his former wife, said that she had never known anyone who had his life spared more times than JD did. Many times, JD had fallen asleep on the early morning bread routes and had an accident. Not to mention the many deer JD has hit. Yes, he put a lot of dents in his own nice red truck from deer.

Robbie, being the little sister, liked to pester JD. He would take it for a while, and then he would do something to hurt her. Not bad, but enough that she would go to our parents to try to get him in trouble. They would say that she probably deserved it. When JD could drive, he would take Robbie bowling. Whenever he would visit Rosalie, they went bowling. It was one of his favorite things to do with Joel as well. JD loved sports and physical movement. He enjoyed riding his bike alone or with his sisters, Robbie and Rosalie.

On August 3, 1955, when JD was two years old, mom and dad were sealed in the Logan Temple. JD was not very happy to be left in the nursery while waiting to be sealed to our parents. Janis was trying to calm him down and he reared back and head butted her, giving her a fat lip.

Janis did get a chance to know JD better in the past few years. Especially when he was in Boise helping Joel. He stayed many weeks at Roger and Janis’ home. They enjoyed having him there visiting and spending quality time together.

When JD was six years old, the family moved to Pocatello where Dad bought Maple Leaf Dairy. JD was once again by his father’s side learning the milk business. All of us children took turns running the milk to the customer’s door. Eventually JD learned to drive and had his own route to deliver.

JD graduated from Highland High School in Pocatello in 1971. On August 12, 1972, he married Kathy Diane Newsom. They made their home in Pocatello and JD continued to work for Dad. Later, JD worked for Coca Cola, Wonder Bread, and Eddy’s Bread. JD and Kathy were blessed with six children: Angela, Joel, Nickcole, Brian, Karl, and Kourtney. Luckily, Kathy enjoyed playing sports too, and they played together on the ward softball team. They also enjoyed volleyball and played on many city teams. One of the things that they enjoyed most was camping with their family. They especially looked forward to those three-day Newsom Family Reunions. JD and Kathy were married for twenty-two years.

Angie shared her favorite memory: Anyone who knows my dad knows that he loves the outdoors! He loved these family reunions. My dad had packing for the Newsom Family Reunion down to a science…pack the food, pack the gear, pack the kids up, and drive to the reunion. It was always at least a three-day camping trip way out in the boonies. One year, my dad taught me the only way you should ever go fishing. The hunters and fisherman in my extended family invited my dad to join them on an overnight fishing trip. They were making a three-mile hike to Mill Lake and fully intended to eat what they caught for dinner and breakfast the next morning. Well, my dad packed up his necessities for the overnight trip. I never did see him pack any fishing pole or tackle and certainly not anything resembling bait. I knew my dad DID NOT fish! So, the next day when they came back to the reunion, we all wanted to know how successful they had been. If my dad had not gone with them, they would have been very hungry. They did not catch a single fish! But my dad, the fisherman, had packed some hamburger and staples in his overnight bag. NOW THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO FISH!!!

Nickcole says that every time someone asks her why her name is spelled that way, she is reminded of her dad. In her words: Well, my dad wanted my name to be spelled how it sounded N-i-c-k-c-o-l-e! Nickcole expressed that as her dad got older, he was always there to listen to her when she needed him.

One of Karl’s favorite memories of his dad was when they went roller skating at Deleta. Karl said, “He always made things like that so much fun!” Paula, Karl’s wife, loved how he welcomed her into the family and was so outgoing. Karl had a chance to go bowling with his dad, Joel, and Michael, his grandson. He said, “We had such a blast just hanging out. Afterwards we went for ice cream, and I just remember it was one of my favorite times together with him. We joked and laughed the whole night. We love him and will miss his company in so many ways.”

Joel enjoyed working with his dad. It didn’t matter what they were doing. He especially liked to go on the milk route with his dad. As a child, he would sleep by the door so JD would have to step over him in order to leave. Joel did not want to be left behind. Joel remembers his dad teaching him how to play baseball including all the special kinds of pitches: curve ball, knuckle ball, etc.

JD loved music and on road trips he played it loud. Joel says, “When the song Last Dance with MaryJane by Tom Petty came on, his dad would not only sing loudly along, but would really rock out to the music.”

Brian remembers that dad was always there when he needed him. Two years ago, when I totaled my new car, he brought me his old truck, so I didn’t have to replace my car. One of my favorite memories was when he taught me to drive a standard. We went to Soda Springs to deliver some bread. Someone needed bread, so he took them bread even on his day off. That was just how he was. He put his all into making sure his customers were happy. On the way home, he was tired and asked me to drive the rest of the way so he could sleep. The first thing I did was pop the clutch with the steering wheel turned all the way to the right. I did not know with rack and pinion steering that you had to manually turn the wheel back to straight, so we turned around in a full circle and were headed for a fence post. Dad calmly reached over and pulled the emergency brake. We lurched and shuttered to a stop. He chuckled and said, “Okay. Let’s try that again.” This time we were off with no problems and headed home, but he did not close his eyes and sleep. One thing he always told me was that I could do anything and not let my vision challenges stop me.

JD met Lynda Carey on a dating site. Their first date was to a Rod Stewart concert in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her mother told her that he was a keeper after he came and cleaned the snow from their driveway. Lynda and JD were married on May 25, 1996. They were later sealed together in the Idaho Falls Temple on October 9, 1996. They lived in Pocatello for many years and JD continued to work for Eddy’s Bread. In 2004 they moved to Beaverton, Oregon to be near her family. JD went to work for Franz Bakery delivering to the grocery stores. He worked for Franz until he retired. Lynda has fond memories of walks in the evenings with JD, watching him play baseball, and the wonderful sheet cake that he made for special occasions. They enjoyed camping and traveling in their motor home to Glacier National Park, the Redwoods, Nevada, Arizona, the Grand Canyon, or up the canyon for a weekend. Many times, they traveled with our parents. Lynda and JD were married eleven years.

Through his work delivering bread to stores, JD met Josette LaRosa. They were married on September 8, 2007. They made their home in Aloha, Oregon. Josette and JD enjoyed their trips to the beach. Especially Cannon Beach and Seaside Beach. They liked to go to Seaside Beach and have dinner at Dooger’s Seafood and Grill. They also enjoyed walks in the nature park and rides up the canyon. JD did not stay retired very long. He went to work part-time for Reser’s Foods. He enjoyed his time there and made many new friends.

JD loved his yard and took great pride in it. He liked working in his yard or just spending time out in it. He created his own little paradise and found great peace there. He made a recirculating fountain with a stream and fire pit. One the siblings’ favorite memories was when we all came to Oregon in May this year to visit JD. We cooked hot dogs over the fire in the fire pit and made s’mores. We played games on the deck and reminisced about our lives. We took a walk in the nature park together and took some fun family pictures. JD loved to sit in his hot tub in the quiet of the evening surrounded by his green lawn and trees and listening to his stream while looking at the stars. It was his favorite place to be. Oh, how I hope there is a hot tub for him in Heaven!

While in this life JD had the opportunity and blessing to be a son, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, a friend, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a great grandfather. He had a kind heart, a generous nature, and he was a hard worker. He was human like all of us and struggled every day to control his spark of a temper. He will be missed by many. He has gone on his next adventure-a reunion with his loved ones. We love you, JD!

JD is survived by his wife, Josette, his six children, Angela, Joel (JoLynn), Nickcole, Brian (Cassie), Karl (Paula), and Kourtney (Justin), twenty-one grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his mother and father.

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  1. Klista Britton-Mahan (Wanstrom) says:

    Angie, Joel, Nickole, Michael, Az and Jamison

    I am so sorry to hear of your dad’s/Grandpa’s passing. Cherish the memories!

  2. Steve snyder says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Jd he was truly a great friend and an inspiration to me he coached me and my twin brother Andy on baseball while growing up with Joel. He also hired me for Eddy’s bread in 1993. After that we played some Co-Ed softball together. I truly love the man. May our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus bless and comfort all of you through this loss.

    Steve Snyder and family

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