Aqua Cremation is a gentle, eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation. Scientifically referred to as alkaline hydrolysis, it is the same process that occurs as part of nature’s course when a body is laid to rest in the soil. A combination of water flow, temperature, and alkalinity is utilized to accelerate the process.

With alkaline hydrolysis, an individual person is gently placed in a container that is then placed in a clean, stainless steel vessel. Having been returned to a natural form, the only solid remains left are mineral bone, 100% safe and pathogen and disease free. The ash that is returned to the family is simply this bone material, or calcium phosphate. The ashes will keep in an urn or may be buried or scattered in a special place, as some families choose to do.

With aqua cremation, there are no direct emissions of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. It is very energy efficient, using less water than a single household uses in one day. This includes all of the water used for the process, along with the clean water rinses of the final remains and vessel.

Unlike our flame cremations, aqua cremations are conducted at First Call Plus, Inc., located in Kent, Washington. First Call provides exceptional service to funeral homes throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Aqua Cremation / No Viewing or Services – $2,245

Our charge for an aqua cremation (without ceremony) includes:

• Services of the funeral director and staff in obtaining legal documents and other paperwork necessary to complete aqua cremation arrangements, including notifying Social Security and assistance with Veterans benefits.

• 24/7 support from staff.

Up to two people for removal of deceased from the place of death to the funeral home (within a 30-mile radius).

• Use of refrigeration facility for up to 72 hours.

• The aqua cremation process (under 300 lbs.).

• Basic plastic urn.

• Complementary Obituary on our website, as provided by family.

• Complementary fingerprints for jewelry (upon request).

• Silk Wrap……………………………………………………………………………$100.00

A permanent urn will vary in price and is not included in the fees listed above.