Forwarding & Receiving

Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home – $1,595

Our charge for forwarding of remains to another funeral home includes:

• The basic service of funeral director and staff.

• Transfer of the deceased to our facility (within a 30 mile radius of Portland).

• Embalming (if relevant).

• Consultation with responsible party.

• Coordinating arrangements with receiving funeral home.

• Preparing and filing of the death certificate and necessary permits.

• Assistance with forms for social security and/or veterans benefits, if needed.

• Dressing and casketing, as requested.

• Transportation of the casket/container by service van to local airport.

This offering does not include viewing, casket, shipping container, state filing fee, certified copies of the death certificate or the actual air freight charges by the airlines.

Receiving Remains From Another Funeral Home – $1,595

Our charge for receiving remains from another funeral home includes:

• The basic services of funeral director and staff in coordinating the details with the other funeral home, family and cemetery involved.

• Transportation by service van of casket from airport to our facility or directly to cemetery as requested.

• Temporary housing of the deceased at our facility, if needed.

Does not include cemetery charges, air freight charges, viewing of the body or funeral ceremonies.

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